Naked To Advance Their Career

Note: this post contains images of nudity and hypocrisy
lesson from a victim of imperialism

The Rape of Lucretia

Right-thinking people everywhere are shocked by the scandal of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein acting inappropriately with so many women.  They’re scandalized by the likes of George Takei, Kevin Spacey, Bill Clinton… The list just keeps on growing.  People trying to get ahead, to advance their career, get taken advantage of by people with the power to propel them forward or hold them back.

Where did Weinstein get the idea that these women would grant him sexual favors in order to advance their careers?  He groped them, demanded massages, exposed himself, forced sex…  What did they say or do that he mistook for encouragement?  They were probably being deferential, wanting to stay in his good graces.  But that’s a far cry from acquiescing to sex.  What’s the culture that made Weinstein think they would trade sex to advance their careers?  Is it because most of them were willing to shed their clothes and have simulated (sometimes not simulated) sex with other performers as part of their career?

And what about all the politicians, journalists and others who use power to demand sex?  Maybe we should also think of them as part of the entertainment industry.  Or perhaps the problem is a culture which denigrates human dignity, such that sex is not primarily an expression of love, closeness and faithfulness, but rather an industrial commodity to be exploited and exchanged.

Naked hindsight

Harvey Weinstein, and all the other letches who harass and abuse women, men, even children deserve to lose the power that they hold over people who want to advance their career.  But smug condemnation of harassment that took place one, ten, twenty years ago only shows how good hindsight is.  If women don’t want people to think they’re willing to trade sexual favors to get ahead, they shouldn’t get naked on command, to rub against other bare-skinned performers.  Movie-makers would then have to rely on interesting stories, well-written scripts, and good acting to attract an audience.  A difficult challenge, indeed.

Weinstein’s accusers

These are many of the women who complained about Weinstein’s willingness to advance their career in exchange for sex.  Most of them were willing to make sex part of their career:

Katherine Kendall: He asked her to massage him; he returned nude

Heather Graham: He implied she had to have sex with him in order to get a movie role

Gwyneth Paltrow: He suggested she give him a massage

Eva Green: He behaved inappropriately

Erika Rosenbaum: He masturbated behind her while holding her neck

Emma de Caunes: He came out naked with an erection and demanded she lie on the bed

Dawn Dunning: She could only sign them (contracts) on the condition she had three-way sex with him

Claire Forlani: I ducked, dived and ultimately got out of there… Yes, massage was suggested

Cara Delevingne: He encouraged her to kiss another woman in his hotel room

Asia Argento: He pulled her skirt up and forcibly performed oral sex on her

Ashley Judd: He asked if he could give her a massage

Angie Everhart: He masturbated in front of her

Angelina Jolie: He made unwanted advances

Tomi-Ann Roberts: He was nude in the bath

Rose McGowan reportedly reached a settlement with Weinstein following a hotel room encounter

Romola Garai: He auditioned her wearing only a bathrobe

Myleene Klass: He offered her a “sex contract”

Mira Sorvino: He made me very uncomfortable; sort of chasing me around

Lysette Anthony: says she was raped by Weinstein

Lena Headey: resisted his advances in a Los Angeles hotel

Lea Seydoux: He tried to kiss her on the lips

Sophie Dix: The alleged assault was “the single most damaging thing that’s happened in my life”

Rosanna Arquette: He grabbed her hand and pulled it towards his penis

Lucia Evans: “He forced me to perform oral sex on him”

Louisette Geiss: He masturbated in front of her while she was making a pitch

Ambra Battilana Gutierrez: He groped her breasts and thigh

Where did Weinstein get his lecherous ideas?