Hey God! What the Heck Are You Doing?

There’s a generally accepted principle in classical physics that the closer you sit to the fire, the warmer you’ll be.  So why is it that Winnipeg, Manitoba was recently colder than the surface of Mars?  Winnipeg, by virtue of being on Earth, is about seventy-eight million kilometres nearer to the fire (our sun).  That should have made Mars a lot colder.

ship stuck in ice
They made the ice disappear by not expecting it… Whoops!

A little to the south, much of the central U.S.  is listening to the sound of records breaking, as temperatures reach unheard of lows.  A lot further south, global warming advocates got stuck in the ice as their expedition sought to prove the extent of climate change.  Perhaps their faith prevented them from seeing the dangerous ice conditions which contradicted their models.  These scholars failed to note that the sea ice has been expanding and contracting for centuries.  They had to be rescued from their willful ignorance, and then their rescuers had to be rescued.

So what the heck are You doing, God?  Why are You messing with the minds of the people trying to save the planet from anthropogenic global warming?  They’re people willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the world.  They’re encouraging other people to realize the dangers of fossil-fuels, and also make sacrifices.  Never mind that much of the world would be uninhabitable without fossil fuels.  Why do You torment these priests and prophets?

North America’s been warming up since the retreat of the last glaciers about eleven or twelve thousand years ago. Scientists say increased carbon dioxide caused that warming, but are at a loss to explain where the CO2 came from.  The Indians paddling their canoes too hard?  Buffalo flatulence?

Actually, atmospheric carbon levels have been pretty much on the decline for the last six hundred million years.  Is it possible that man is not responsible for the climate?  That his influence, if it exists at all, is minimal?  Solar variability (such as sunspots), minuscule changes in the inclination of the planet towards the sun, volcanic activity, all kinds of things that are out of the hands of mankind may be the drivers of  climate, which has been warming and cooling and warming again for hundreds of millions of years.

This isn’t the first time mankind has claimed to be in charge.  Not too long after the flood, Noah’s descendants decided the heavens, and the authority attributed thereto, belonged to them.  We know what God's response- Tower of Babel,  by Bruegelhappened back then.

Is the weather of January, 2014 another slap-down of human arrogance?  There’s no way to tell if God is punishing– deliberately mocking the prophets and acolytes of global warming doom.  So how can we know what to do?

Well, don’t be like Professor Chris Turney and his ship of fools blindly sailing into ice-filled seas.  Crank up the furnace.  Cover your skin, not your eyes when stepping outside in below-zero weather.  Don’t let your faith in the carbon-sinfulness of man lead to meaningless sacrifices: jobs, warmth, well-being… don’t think they will impress God, or even ‘mother earth.’

“You do not delight in sacrifice and offering; You open my ears to listen.” (Psalms 40:7)

Open your ears, your eyes…  open your mind.

What's your take?