new book: Zionism- An Indigenous Struggle

Zionism: An Indigenous Strruggle
Left: Native American tipi Right: Israeli pioneer tents

I am pleased to announce that a new book ZIONISM- AN INDIGENOUS STRUGGLE, co-edited by Machla Abramovitz and me will soon be published  by the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (CIJR) and RVP Press.  This one is non-fiction, but reflects the same interest in aboriginal cultures, exile, and return that lie at the heart of my novel Quantum Cannibals.

The articles are from academics, ambassadors, veterans and activists, be they Jewish, Native American, or other ethnicity.  All of us came together to bring forth information which is especially critical in an era where feelings are often confused with fact, history confused with narrative.  If you’re subscribed to this site’s mailing list, I’ll let you know when and  where you can order the book.

  • Machla Abramovitz: Foreword
  • Nathan Elberg: Introduction
  • Allen Z. Hertz: Aboriginal Rights of the Jewish People
  • Sally F. Zerker Israeli “Occupation”: The BIG LIE
  • Mara Cohen: What it Means to Be an Oglala Sioux Jewish Woman: A Personal Account
  • Nathan Elberg: Simple Truths: A Cree Indian Explains a 2,000 Year Old Rabbinic Teaching
  • Ira Robinson: The David Ahenakew Affair and the Problem of Using the Canadian Justice System in the Fight Against Antisemitism
  • Scott Benlevi: I Walk Two Worlds
  • Ryan Bellerose: Conversation With a Métis About Israel
  • Howard I. Schwartz: Savage and Jew: A Shared Stereotype
  • Dr. David A. Yeagley: There is no Palestine, There are no Palestinians
  • Jay Corwin: The Convergence of the Native American and Jewish Narratives in our Times
  • Ambassador Alan Baker: The Indigenous Rights of the Jewish People
  • Mara Cohen: Indians at Work
  • Uqittuk Mark, as told to Machla Abramovitz: Uqittuk Mark: Inuit Defender of Israel
  • Jose Faur: Jews, Conversos, and Native Americans: The Iberian Experience
  • Select Bibliography

An abridged version is available online


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  1. My take? We (First Nations) have the most suitable role model to follow in that of how Jews were able to regain their sovereignty. Their model also allows for us a productive life in the meanwhile.

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