A Funeral Proposal

 to Avoid More Funerals

Michael Zehaf Bibeau and Martin (Ahmad) Couture-Rouleau tried to give meaning to their lives, tried to achieve martyrdom when they killed the soldiers in Saint Jean and Ottawa respectively.  They should be denied that meaning.  They should be denied martyrdom.

Islam believes that the body and soul remain connected after death.  If the body is comforted or tormented, the soul feels it.  Dogs are extremely naajis (impure, unclean). The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “If a dog drinks from the vessel of any one of you, let him wash it seven times.”  On the other hand dead animals are supposed to be treated with at least a minimum of dignity.

So at their funeral, how about burying Michael Zehaf Bibeau and Martin (Ahmad) Couture-Rouleau, each with a dead dog in their grave?  An eternity of impurity, and torment for their souls.  Now, some people may say this is too disrespectful to the killers.  Others will say it’s too disrespectful to the dogs.  But most dogs don’t have a philosophy of purity and impurity, nor do they believe in an afterlife.  So it’s no skin off their backs.  A humane society can easily provide the corpses.

Dogs of murdered soldier Nathan Cirillo

Dogs of murdered soldier Nathan Cirillo

A spokeswoman for a Muslim organization expressed her disgust towards the shooters, saying they didn’t reflect anything in Islam that they learned in Canada.  She also was worried about an anti-Islam backlash.  She, or any Islamic religious leader could do a great service to Canada and the reputation of Islam by attending the funeral of Bibeau and Couture-Rouleau, and publicly cursing, or at least denouncing each of them.

If aspiring terrorists see that their wishes will bring them curses and eternal torment rather than the glories (and 72 virgins) of martyrdom, it will make terrorism a much less attractive career path.  A miserable funeral is not what most people aim for in life.